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Consumer Seafood Information

Home Preservation
Canning Fact Sheets - Utah State U.
Canning Seafood (2011) - Oregon State University
Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use
Freezing Fish - U. Georgia
Freezing Clams - U. Georgia
Freezing Crab - U. Georgia
Freezing Lobster - U. Georgia
Freezing Oysters - U. Georgia
Freezing Scallops - U. Georgia
Freezing Seafood at Home - UC Davis
Freezing Shrimp - U. Georgia
Handling and Freezing Fish and Seafood at Home (2003) - LSU
Home Canning Smoked Fish (2001)
Home-Canning Smoked Fish - U. Florida
Home Food Preservation - Penn State Extension
Home Freezing of Seafood
National Center for Home Food Preservation - U. Georgia
Preparation and Preservation of Alabama Seafood - Auburn
Smoked Fish - Virginia Tech
Smoked Fish - Virginia Tech, (Part II, salting).
Smoked Fish - Virginia Tech. (Part III, micro)
Saving Your Catch - Auburn
Smoking Fish at Home - U. of Alaska
Smoking Fish at Home Safely - Oregon State U.
Spiced and Pickled Seafoods - UC Davis
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning - National Ctr. for Home Food Preservation

Recipes - National Fisheries Institute
Allrecipes (Seafood)
Bumble Bee Seafoods
California Seafood Council
Cook It Frozen! (Recipes) - Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Cook It Frozen! (Techniques) - Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Chicken of the Sea
Contessa - The Shrimp Council
Maine Lobster Promotion Council
New Jersey Seafood Harvesters' Association
The Recipe Link
StarKist Tuna

Purchasing and Preparation
A Consumer Guide to Safe Seafood Handling
A Pocket Guide to Care and Handling of Fish from Stream to Table - North Dakota State U.
BC Salmon Marketing Council - Preparation Tips
Building a Small Crab Cooker for Home Use - OSU
Catching, Cleaning, and Cooking Bay Crabs (1998) - OSU
Coming to Grips with a Crab (1987) - UW
Consumer Tips for Handling Seafood Safely - National Sea Grant Library
Consumer Tips For Purchasing High Quality Seafood - UC Davis
Food Safety and Food Information Hotline - FDA
Fresh and Frozen Seafood: Selecting and Serving it Safely - FDA
Handling Sportcaught Fish - OSU
How to Spot A Safe Seafood Seller - FDA
Purchasing Seafood - NOAA
Safe Handling of Fish - U. Minn.
Seafood Handling and Storage - Cornell
Squid - An Underutilized Species - Virginia Tech
Storing Your Seafood - NOAA
Why Seafood Spoils - UC Davis

Sustainable Seafood Information
California Finfish Management Project - CDFG
California Management of Commercial Invertebrate Fisheries - CDFG
California's Living Marine Resources: A Status Report (2001) - CDFG 
Caribbean Fishery Management Council - NOAA
Checklist for Fisheries Resource Management Issues Seen from the Perspective of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries - FAO
The Facts About Seafood Sustainability - NFI
FishWatch, U.S. Seafood Facts - NOAA
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
The Influence of the Sustainable Seafood Movement in the US and UK
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act - NOAA
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
New England Fishery Management Council - NOAA
North Pacific Fishery Management Council - NOAA
Office of Sustainable Fisheries - NOAA
Pacific Coast Fisheries Information Network - Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Pacific Fishery Management Council - NOAA
Recreational Fishing Services Team - West Coast - NOAA
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Sustainability - Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
U.S. Ocean Commission Policy (2004)
Western Pacific Fishery Management Council - NOAA

Miscellaneous - National Fisheries Institute
Blonz Guide to Nutrition, Food Science and Health
Commercially Farmed and Wild-Caught Salmon, Bon Appétit!- UC Davis
Seafood Tips and Resources (2009)
Seafood Curriculum:  Seafood at its Best - Univ Idaho Extension
Seafood Education - Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Sea Grant


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