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The Seafood HACCP Discussion Electronic Mailing List

The Seafood HACCP Discussion electronic mailing list was created in 1995 as a service to the seafood industry. The list has over 1100 subscribers worldwide from industry, government and academia. Over 55 countries are represented. The primary purpose of the mailing list is to facilitate information exchange about the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system of food safety control in the seafood industry. Also, this seafood HACCP research and extension information exchange e-mail list is designed to facilitate information sharing among seafood researchers, industry, regulatory, extension and academic personnel.

ACCEPTABLE content on the listserv includes:
-Seafood industry inquiries on HACCP, processing, safety, and quality issues
-Seafood regulatory inquiries and announcements
-Brief announcements on seafood seafood conferences, short courses, workshops, publications, etc. with contact information [It is best to provide a web address that has registration costs, etc.]
-Career opportunities in the seafood technology field

UNACCEPTABLE content includes:
-E-mailing attached files (instead, files may be announced via the mailing list; subscribers may request the information directly from the person posting availability of the file)
-Commercial activity (self promotion of products and services)
-Cross posting of messages from other mailing lists or bulletin boards
-Political messages
-Violating copyright laws and their fair use provisions through inappropriate reproduction or dissemination of copyrighted text, images, etc.

Violators will be prevented from future postings via the Seafood HACCP Discussion mailing list.

In addition, anyone who sends e-mails to the seafood listserv that do not pertain to seafood technology will be automatically removed from the list of subscribers.

Subscribers, when you send a message to the mailing list, please identify yourself (first and last name, company and location).

 To SUBSCRIBE to the seafood discussion group:    

                             Click here to subscribe


Using the Seafood HACCP Discussion mailing list for commercial activity such as promoting products or services for sale is a violation of Oregon State University's acceptable use policy on computing.

To post messages on the mailing list, e-mail your message to:

The Seafood HACCP Discussion mailing list and Seafood Network Information Center World Wide Web are administered by Christina A. Mireles DeWitt at OSU..

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the web editor.

Updated: 7 June 2013


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