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Industry Associations, Councils, Institutes

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)
American Fishermen's Research Foundation
America's Tilapia Alliance
Aquatic Network
At-Sea Processors Association
California Fisheries and Seafood Institute (CFSI)
California Salmon Council
California Sea Urchin Commission
California Seafood Council (CSC)
Catfish Institute
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Covance Food Solutions

Fishermen's Marketing Assoc., Inc.
Fishery Management Councils
Florida Dept. of Ag. and Consumer Services
Food and Drug Law Institute
Food Processing Suppliers Association
The Food Processors Institute
Hawaii and Pacific Islands Seafood Program
International Fishmeal & Oil Manufacturers Assoc.
Lobster Institute at the University of Maine
Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board

Maine Dept. of Marine Resources
Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative
Maryland Seafood Marketing Program
Massachusetts Lobstermen's Assoc.
National Fisheries Institute (NFI)
National Restaurant Assoc.
National Shellfisheries Assoc.
North Carolina Dept. of Ag. and Consumer Services
North Carolina Fisheries Association
North West Food Processors Assoc. (NWFPA)
Northwest Fisheries Association

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission
Oregon Trawl Commission
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Assoc.
Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Assoc.
Seafood Harvesters of America
Seafood Oregon

Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermen's Assoc.
Southeastern Fisheries Assoc.
Virginia Marine Products Board
West Coast Seafood Processors Assoc.
Western Fishboat Owners Assoc.
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Council


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