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Seafood Sensory Information
Assessment of Fish Quality - FAO 
Automated Sensory Procedures for Shrimp - U. Florida
Effective Freshness Measurement Webinar (2010) - P. Howgate - Sea Fish Industry Authority
Electronic Nose Odor Evaluation of Salmon Fillets Stored at Different Temperatures - Florida Sea Grant
Guidance on Sensory Testing and Monitoring of Seafood for Presence of Petroleum Taint Following an Oil Spill - NOAA/NMFS
Guidelines for the Sensory Evaluation of Fish and Shellfish in Laboratories (Appendix II: Draft) - FAO
Quality Index Method - QIM Eurofish
Resource Guide for the Food Industry (Product Development/Sensory Analysis) - D.M. Barrett, UCD
Selection and Training of Assessors for Evaluation of Fish (2010)
Sensory Analysis, ORA Laboratory Manual - FDA 
Sensory Assessment of Fish Quality - Torry Advisory Note
Sensory Methods for Fish Inspection and Quality Assurance - UN Industrial Development Organization 
Standardization of the Ammonia Electrode Method for the Evaluation of Seafood Quality by Correlation to Sensory Analysis - USDC/NOAA
Statistical Analysis of Sensory Freshness Data (2010)
Testimony on Inspection of Seafood Products (1996) - FDA
How Do You Know a Nice Fish When You Meet One? - "Simply Seafood" 

On-Going Sensory Training Programs
National Fisheries Institute - Contact: Barbara Blakistone, Ph.D.
Seafood Products Association
USDC Seafood Inspection Program  
USDC/NOAA Sensory Training Workshop and Course Information


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