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2008 FDA Seafood Complete List - US FDA
Aquatic Species Fact Sheets - FAO
California Living Marine Resources: A Status Report (2001) - CDFG
California, Major Fish Species - CSC
Chilean Seafood Exchange
Fish and Shellfish Identification - CA Dept. of Fish and Game
List of Canadian Acceptable Common Names for Fish and Seafood
Native Fish Australia
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia - US FDA
Seafood List, FDA's Guide to Acceptable Market Names - US FDA
Species Identification - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm.
Species Information - Maine Dept. of Marine Resources
Standard Fish Names in Australia - Seafood Services Australia


Fish Eggs for Caviar and Bait


Guidance for Industry: Implementation of Section 403(t) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 343(t)) Regarding the Use of the Term "Catfish"  (2002) - FDA

Benefits of Farmed Salmon Outweigh Risks - Purdue
Farmed or Wild? Both Types of Salmon Taste Good and Are Good For You (2010)
Farmed Salmon: Caught in a Numbers Game
Global Assessment of Polybrominated Diphenyl Esthers in Farmed and Wild Salmon (2004) - ACS
Global Assessment of Organic Contaminants in Farmed Salmon (2004)
Opinion of the CONTAM Panel Related to the Safety Assessment of Wild and Farmed Fish (2005) - European Food Safety Authority
PCBs Anatomy of a Health Scare in Salmon - STATS
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDES) in Fish, Fact Sheet  - Health Canada
Review by Charles R. Santerre, Ph.D. - Purdue U.
Salmon Study in Science Magazine - UK Food Standards Agency
The Myths and Realities of the Salmon Farming Industry in BC

Status of Albacore Tuna in the Pacific Ocean (Laurs and Dotson, 1992)
Pacific Albacore Tuna - West Coast Region, NMFS
American Fisherman's Research Foundation - US Tuna Foundation (USTF)/NFI
Issues Regarding Mercury in Pacific Northwest Seafood  - Oregon State University
Oregon Albacore Commission
Pacific Fishery Management Council, Highly Migratory Species: Tuna
Recommendations for On-board Handling of Purse Seine-Caught Tuna - USTF
Recommendations for On-board Handling of Purse Seine-Caught Tuna (Spanish) - USTF
Tuna Encyclopedia - Atuna
Tuna Handling and Refrigeration on Purse Seiners (1985) - NOAA
Western Fishboat Owners Association
What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish (2004) - FDA and EPA

Blue-Crab Archives
Chinese Mitten Crab - WSS
Crab, Dungeness - ASMI

Abalone - ADF&G
California Shellfish Regulations - CDPH
Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List - FDA
Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers Listserv - FDA
Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference - ISSC
Oyster Fact Sheet - LSU
Shellfish Related Web Resources - NSA
Squid - WIMS
Squid (Loligo opalescens) - The Cephalopod Page
State Shellfish Control Authority Contacts - ISSC


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