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Acidified and Low Acid Canned Foods - FDA 
Cannery Inspection Program - CDHS

Chilling, Refrigeration, and Freezing
Calculating Slush Ice Needed for Fishing (Excel File Automatic Download)
Calculating Wet Ice Needed for Fishing (Excel File Automatic Download)
Chilling and Freezing Guidelines to Maintain Onboard Quality and Safety of Albacore Tuna (2004) - OSU
Chilling Fillets in 10-25 lb Containers - UC Davis
Codex Alimentarius Standards for Fish and Fishery Products
Cold Storage of Frozen Fish - Torry Research Station
Conserving Energy in Blast Freezers Using Variable Frequency Drives (2004)
Extended Shelf-Life Refrigerated Foods - NCSU
Fish Freezing, Planning and Engineering - FAO 
Freezing and Refrigerated Storage in Fisheries - FAO
Freezing at Sea: Advice to the Crew - Torry Research Station - FAO
Freezing Small Pelagic Fish - Torry Research Station - FAO
Gaping of Fillets - Torry Research Station - FAO
Handling Sea - Frozen Fish - Torry Research Station - FAO
Ice in Fisheries - FAO 
Ice Your Fish to Prevent Histamine Poisoning - Scombrotoxin Prevention - Sea Grant
Managing the Cold Chain for Quality and Safety - Flair-Flow Europe
Planning for Seafood Freezing (2007) - Alaska Sea Grant
Quick Freezing of Fish - Torry Research Station- FAO
Refrigerated Foods: Some Rules for Processing - NCSU

Time and Temperature Monitoring
Accurately Measuring Seafood Temperatures - UC Davis
Seafood Shelf Life as a Function of Temperature (1995) - Alaska Sea Grant
Time/Temperature Monitoring Systems: 3M™MonitorMark™

Energy Considerations
Conserving Energy in Blast Freezers Using Variable Frequency Drives (2004) - OSU
Embodied Energy and Energy Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Using Wetlands (1999) - LSU
Energy Conservation Self-Audit Manual for Fish Processing Plants (1991) - LSU
Energy Efficiency Test on Two Oyster Steam Tunnels (1985) - VA Sea Grant
Estimating Energy Consumption in Surimi Processing (1990) - OSU
Improving Energy Use and Productivity in West Coast and Alaskan Seafood Processing Plants (2001) - OSU
A Pilot Project for Improving Energy Efficiency in the Seafood Sector - UC Sea Grant
Refrigeration Energy Prediction for Flooded Tanks on Fishing Vessels (1990) - OSU

High Pressure Processing
Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing on Listeria spp. Microorganisms - Virginia Tech
High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing Has Potential - Virginia Tech
High Pressure Processing Basics - Virginia Tech
Novel Applications of High Pressure Processing - Virginia Tech

Cold Pasteurization of Food by Irradiation - Virginia Tech
Food Irradiation - Food Info Net
Food Irradiation Information: A Safe Measure - FDA
Irradiation Pasteurization of Solid Foods: Taking Food Safety to the Next Level - CDC

Control Strategies for Listeria monoctyogenes in Seafood Processing Plants - Cornell
Fish Smoking Procedures for Forced Convection Smokehouses (2001) - OSU
Listeria monycytogenes Control Manual (2002) - NFI and NFPA Smoked Seafood Working Group
Processing Parameters Needed to Control Pathogens in Cold Smoked Fish - FDA
Quick Determination of Water Phase Salt Content of Smoked Fish (2000) - OSU
Recommended International Code of Practice for Smoked Fish - Codex Alimentarius 
Rigor in Fish - The Effect on Quality on Smoked Fish - Torry Research Station - FAO
Seafood HACCP Regulation [see Subpart B--Smoked and Smoke-flavored Fishery Products] - USFDA
Smoked Fish Manual, by B. Paust and J. Peters - Alaska Sea Grant
Tuna: USDC Seafood Inspection Program Policy on Filtered Smoke Process (PowerPoint Download) - USDC
Vacuum Packages and Retort Pouches For Smoked Seafood

Minced Fish and Surimi
Minced Fish - CIFST
Surimi and Surimi Seafood - Dr. Jae Park, OSU 
Surimi School - Dr. Jae Park

Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies - FDA
Measures, Stowage Rates and Yields of Fishery Products - FAO
Packing Fish in a Modified Atmosphere - FAO
Preparation of Salt Brines for the Fishing Industry (1999) - Oregon State University
Post-Harvest Processing Technologies for Oysters Poster - MS Dept. of Marine Resources
Recoveries and Yields from Pacific Fish and Shellfish (1993) - Alaska Sea Grant
Rigor in Fish - The Effect on Quality - Torry Research Station
Thawing Bibliography - Oregon State U.
Thawing Frozen Fish  - Torry Research Station
Thawing Seafood: A Learning Resource for Unit Standard 6203 - Seafood Industry Training Organization
Yield and Nutritional Value of the Commercially More Important Fish Species - FAO

Processing by Species
Catfish Processing Report - USDA 
Lobster Processing Temperature Recordings Needed for HACCP Plans - U. Maine
Meat Yield and Shell Removal Functions of Shrimp Processing - Oregon State U.
Pacific Whiting - Harvesting, Processing, Marketing and Quality Assurance - Oregon State U.
Quality Assurance and Operating Policy Manual for the Blue Crab Industry (1994) - Virginia Tech.
Recommendations for On-board Handling of Purse Seine-Caught Tuna - USTF
Recommended Procedures for Handling Troll-Caught Salmon - UC Sea Grant
Tuna Handling and Refrigeration on Purse Seiners - USDC/NOAA
Yield and Nutritional Value of the Commercially More Important Fish Species - FAO

Prohibited Drug and Chemical Information for Seafood Processors
Illegal Residues In Meat, Poultry, Seafood, and Other Animal Derived Foods - FDA Compliance
Private Laboratory Guidance (in ORA Laboratory Manual) - FDA
Program Guidance Manual (7371.006)
Seafood Chemistry (Malachite/Leucomalachite Green, Chloramphenicol, Oxolinic Acid) - FDA

Information Pertaining to the FDA Detention of Farm-Raised Chinese Seafood:


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