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21 CFR 110: Current GMP in Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food
21 CFR 123.11: Sanitation Control Procedures
Basic Elements of a Sanitation Program for Food Processing and Food Handling - U. of Florida
Basic Elements of Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Processing and Handling - U. of Florida
Cleaning and Sanitation in Seafood Processing - FAO
Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Pest Control in Food Processing, Storage and Service Areas - U. of Georgia
Controlling Gulls At Seafood Plants - UC Davis
Federal Standard Sanitation Standards for Fish Plants - NMFS
Food CGMP Modernization - A Focus On Food Safety - Food CGMP Modernization Working Group
Food Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing - Arizona Dept. of Health Services
Food Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing, Water Chemistry and Quality - Arizona Dept. of Health Services
Good Manufacturing Practices Internet Training Course - Cornell U.
National Antimicrobial Information Network - OSU and US EPA
Preventing Chemical Foodborne Illness - Florida Dept. of Health
Reference of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products
Rinsing and Disposing of Pesticide Containers - OSU
Safe Food Depends on You: Training Guide for Food Handlers - Maryland/Delaware Sea Grant
Sanitation Control Procedures for Processing Fish and Fishery Products Manual - Seafood HACCP Alliance
Sanitation Control Procedures for Processing Fish and Fishery Products Manual (Spanish)
Sanitizers for Food Plants - UC Davis
Seafood HACCP Regulation Sanitation Requirements (21 CFR 123.11[b])
Secondary Direct Food Additives Permitted in Food for Human Consumption - FDA
Vessel Standard Operating Procedures - WFOA
Water Resources of the U.S. - USGS

Waste Management
Alaska Seafood By-Products:  Potential Products, Markets and Competing Products (2008) - Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation
Basic Principles of Composting - LSU
Composting - Cornell Waste Management Institute
Composting Seafood By-products - Maine Sea Grant
Economic Viability of Commercial Composting of Fisheries Waste by Passive Aeration - Canada
Fishmeal Information Network 
Fish Waste Management Measure - EPA
Heating and Fires in Fishmeal Shipped from South America - UK P&I Club 
Making Profits out of Seafood Wastes - Alaska Sea Grant
National Renderers Association
Seafood Waste Management Bibliography (2001) - Oregon State U.
Shrimp Biosolids From Aquaculture Lagoons are a Valuable Fertilizer Amendment for Bell Pepper Production
US Composting Council 
Utilizing Scraps from Blue Crab and Calico Scallop Processing Plants - U. Florida
Waste Management Options for Mississippi Shrimp Processors (1998) - Miss. State U.

Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) - Generic Models
Daily Sanitation Control Record (PDF File) (Word File)  
General Seafood Processing
Monthly and Daily Sanitation Monitoring Record Examples - FDA/CFSAN Office of Field Programs
Monthly Sanitation Control Record 
(PDF File) (Word File)  
Periodic Sanitation Control Record (PDF File) (Word File) 
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Lox (OSU)

NOTE: These examples of sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) are for your information only. They should not be used without modification. Each SSOP plan must be specific for the processing plant, species processed, processing methods, and sanitation procedures used.


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