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Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and Quality - FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 444 (2003)
A Food Service Guide to Seafood Quality - ASMI 
Freshness, Quality and Safety in Seafoods, Paw Dalgaard - Flair-Flow Europe 
Quality and Quality Changes in Fresh Fish (by H. Huss) - FAO 
Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Seafood - Oregon State U.
Seafood Product Quality Code (2000) - Southeastern Fisheries Assn. 
Seafood Quality Guidelines - California Seafood Council 
US Product Specification for Nonstandardized Products (1989) - USDC/NMFS 
US Standards for Grades of Fishery Products - USDC/NMFS 
Why Seafood Spoils
Dungeness Crab - Premium Quality Specifications - ASMI
Halibut Quality: Chilled Seawater Storage of Dressed and Round Fish - Alaska Sea Grant
Salmon - Alaska Salmon Quality Specifications and Grades, Fresh and Frozen - ASMI 
Salmon - Recommended Salmon Quality Guidelines for Fishing, Tendering, and Processing Operations
Salmon Quality: The Effects of Delayed Chilling - Alaska Sea Grant 
Salmon Quality: The Effects of Elevated Refrigerated Seawater Chilling Temperatures - Alaska Sea Grant 
Salmon Quality: The Effects of Ice and Chilled Seawater Storage - Alaska Sea Grant   
Shrimp, Inspectors' Guidelines for Grading Fresh or Frozen (1993) - NMFS


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