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Seafood Safety and Health

An Expectant Mother's Guide to Eating Minnesota Fish - Minn. Dept. of Health
Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and Quality - FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 444 (2003)
Diagnosis and Management of Food Illnesses: A Primer for Physicians - AMA
Eating Raw Finfish: Risks and Benefits - U. Delaware
Farmed or Wild: Both Types of Salmon Taste Good and Are Good For You (2010) - GAA
Fish Consumption Advisories - US EPA
Fish Consumption Advisory Program - Minn. Dept. of Health
Fish Health in the Chesapeake Bay - Harmful Algal Blooms - U. Maryland
Food Facts - Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food Safety Project - Iowa State University
Fresh and Frozen Seafood, Selecting and Serving It Safely - FDA
Interim Melamine and Analogues Safety/Risk Assessment (May 2007) - US FDA
Is Our Seafood Safe to Eat? - NCSU
ISO Standards Big Catch for Seafood Industry -
Parasites in Marine Fishes: Questions and Answers for Seafood Retailers - Oregon State U.
Persistent Toxic Chemicals of Human Health Concern in Fish from San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento River, CA - SFEI
Safe Seafood: From Water to Table - NFI
Seafood...Safe Food: Handy Seafood Safety Tips - Rutgers U.
Seafood Safety - Simple Solutions to Handling Seafood Safely - NMFS
Seafood Safety: What Consumers Need to Know - U. Delaware and U. Alaska
Sport Fish Consumption Advisories - CA OEHHA

Industry and Research Information
Common Food Borne Pathogens - Iowa State U. 
Food Safety Division Seafood Program - State of Oregon
Food Safe Program - UC Davis
Food Safety - State of California 
Food Safety - PSU
Food Safety Information - USDA 
Food Safety Website - North Carolina State U.
National Food Safety Programs - FDA
Preliminary FoodNet Data on the Incidence of Foodborne Illnesses --- Selected Sites, US, 2000 - CDC 
Scientific Criteria to Ensure Safe Food, 2003 - National Research Council 
Surveillance Data on US Foodborne Disease Outbreaks 2008 - CDC

Consumer Information
Consumer Advice - FDA 
Food Safety - PSU 
Food Safety Manual - FDA 
Food Safety for Seniors - FDA - ISU 
Food Safety Consortium - U. Arkansas, Iowa State U. and Kansas State U.)
Food Safety and Handling - U. Florida 
Food Safety Information Following a Hurricane or Flood - FDA
Food Safety Technology Council 
Food Safety Tips - CFIA 
How to Safely Handle Refrigerated Ready-to-Eat Foods and Avoid Listeriosis 


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